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We are a diverse group of likeminded individuals from a range of different vocations including finance, legal, health and IT, who want to make a difference in the mental health space. We have all be touched either directly or indirectly with people battling with mental health issues. The time to act is now. We want to be part of the solution.
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National Schools Challenge 2020

The National Schools Challenge is a team-based activity challenge. It's a fun way to engage teachers and support personnel, boost productivity and gain insight into your school staffs' physical and mental wellbeing.

The National Schools Challenge measures changes in physical and mental wellbeing across 50 days, providing actionable reports on the findings – and a bunch of fun along the way!

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Feel Happier

Be active and get those endorphins flowing. Our program has been shown to increase happiness & general wellbeing.

Balance Body & Mind

Experience the associated health benefits of exercise, like stress, loneliness and depression reduction.

Engaging App

Track your steps and activity and compete against other teams to keep them motivated and aid in team building.

Science at Work

Fill in surveys, so that we can monitor health changes in your school. Our program is designed by leading academics.

Team Building

Teammates work together to keep each other motivated and build long-lasting friendships.

Kick Goals

Set personal and team goals and get busy working towards them. Achieve them individually and together.

Change Habits

The challenge is designed to help you make positive lifestyle adjustments. Simple changes. Big results.

Reward Strategy

Rewards aren’t just for challenge winners. If you are engaged, setting personal records or a super syncer you're winning!

Compelling Stats

• Teachers have reported the highest level of occupational stress in Australia, the United Kingdom and America.
• Over half of Australian teachers report anxiety and nearly one fifth have experienced depression.
• An estimated 40 per cent of graduate teachers quit the profession within the first five years of starting.
• Challenging workplace conditions have meant teachers can be more prone to work-related stress, burnout and general psychological distress when compared to other occupations.

Education providers are charged with an important responsibility – mentoring and leading our children through to adulthood and into the workplace.

It's time to support them.

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Easy-To-Use App

The National Schools Challenge is delivered via the state-of-the-art Moving Mindz app. It’s interactive, user-friendly and loads of fun.

There’s gamification elements and social re-enforcement to keep participants engaged and active throughout the program.

Users can sync their Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and other health devices to easily track their steps.

The app also features fun elements like leaderboards, a virtual map and badges to collect, so that participants feel rewarded for their hard work.

Best of all, there’s a social feed for teams to share and encourage each other. Schools can also use this feed to communicate with their participants.

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Why Sign Up?

The Moving Mindz program is designed and backed by leading academics and underpinned by collaborative researchers from across the globe.

At the end of the challenge, your school will receive a comprehensive End of Event Report outlining findings relating to changes in the physical and mental wellbeing of participants.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate that physical and mental wellbeing is important to your school and local community. Your school will also play a leadership role in the development of research data relating to mental health in the Education Sector and Australian workplace.

Follow the lead from some of Australia’s preeminent tertiary institutions (and hundreds of companies across Australia and the US) by signing up for the inaugural National Schools Challenge.

Next Steps...

Get in touch to register your school’s interest, or for more information, contact National Schools Challenge Event Manager Matt Jones:

M: 0421 700 094

E: matt.jones@eduhealthsolutions.org

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