Moving Mindz provides leading technology-driven corporate health solutions, in conjunction with big data analytics in mental health, wellbeing, and sleep. This data driven approach can help your organisation measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your wellbeing offering.


We are a diverse group of likeminded individuals from a range of different vocations including finance, legal, health and IT, who want to make a difference in the mental health space. We have all be touched either directly or indirectly with people battling with mental health issues. The time to act is now. We want to be part of the solution.
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General Questions - Which web browser should I use?

We recommend using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is best avoided.

General Questions - How do I access the Moving Mindz platform?

It’s super simple.


  • We’ll email you your username and password in the days leading up to the race.
  • Go to movingmindz.co. The Login button is on the top right-hand side of the website.
  • Log in and change your password
  • Fill out the survey and hey presto – you’ll be on the course site.
General Questions - What’s the best way to get help?

As a first port of call, please try our FAQs. These have been broken down into various categories which can be easily navigated through.


If you don’t find your answer here, you can get in touch with our Support Team via the Live Chat feature or by emailing: support@movingmindz.co

Login Issues - I didn’t receive my username and password?

All approved participants should receive a Login Email which contains your initial login details.


Please check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder if you don’t receive anything. Contact your company program manager making sure your details were added correctly. Failing that, you can get in touch with our Support Team via the Live Chat feature or by emailing: support@movingmindz.co

Login Issues - I can’t log in?

All approved participants should be able to log in with the username and password sent by Moving Mindz. You will be required to reset your password to one of your choosing on first login.


If you have trouble logging in, please get in touch with our Support Team via the Live Chat feature or by emailing: support@movingmindz.co

Login Issues - How do I reset my password or I forgot my password?

Our platform does not allow you to reset your password yourself. The “Reset Password” feature is coming in the next version release.


Try our LIVE CHAT team, supply your full name and email and we’ll reset it quickly for you.


Or please email us at support@movingmindz.co and we will reset your password for you.

Step-counting apps and devices - Which devices can I sync?

Google Fit and Fitbit.

Step-counting apps and devices - How do I sync my device?
  • Go to movingmindz.co and log into the course site
  • On the ‘Log Activities’ panel, select the applicable date
  • Hit ‘Sync Device’
  • Choose Google Fit or Fitbit
  • Enter your login details for Google Fit or Fitbit
  • You’ll be asked to grant www.movingmindz.co permission to see and store your physical activity data. Hit ‘Allow’.
  • You’ll be redirected back to the Moving Mindz site and the information will be synced.
  • You can sync your data every day.
Step-counting apps and devices - Can I use a different step-counting device?

Yes, you can use any step-counting device and enter the steps manually into our platform. Alternatively, you can use Google Fit or Fitbit and sync your data.


Steps will be synced from your app/device’s website, so you will first need to make sure the steps are updated there. Once you press the ‘Sync’ button, the data will be transferred to Moving Mindz.


Note that for other activities additional to steps, such as swimming, cycling, weights or yoga, you will have to enter those details manually.

The Moving Mindz app - How do I download the app?

The Moving Mindz app is available for download from Google Play for Android, or from the Apple Store for iOS.


Simply go to the respective websites, click ‘Install’ and follow the prompts.

The Moving Mindz app - Which username and password do I use when downloading the app?

Please use the same login details as for the Moving Mindz website.


If you’ve forgotten your username and password or are having difficulties downloading the app, please get in touch with our Support Team via the Live Chat feature or by emailing: support@movingmindz.co

The Moving Mindz app - Will the app automatically track my steps?

No. The Moving Mindz app is not a step counter.


Popular models of Fitbit and Google Fitness can be directly synced with our platform to count your steps. Alternatively, you can use any other step-counting device and enter your steps manually if you’d prefer.

Moving Mindz Surveys - How is this information used?

Primary Use of Survey Data


Moving Mindz uses pre and post event questionnaires primarily to facilitate the provision of health and wellbeing scores back to you in certain health areas, as well as to provide aggregate end of event reporting to your organisation as to any changes that have occurred.


Key health areas examined include:

  • Mental Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Diabetes Risk
  • Sleep
  • Wellbeing
  • Physical Activity


Secondary Use of Survey Data


As part of our commitment to improving health and wellbeing around the world, de-identified survey data is stored in an independent research registry housed at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.


The research registry collects survey data and works with the scientific and health communities to conduct independent analyses of workplace health trends around the world. The ethical aspects of the registry have been approved by the Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee of Flinders University.

Moving Mindz Surveys - Can I opt out?

You may opt-out of your data being stored in the registry and being used for research by following the process contained in the Collection Statement and Privacy Policy.