Moving Mindz provides leading technology-driven corporate health solutions, in conjunction with big data analytics in mental health, wellbeing, and sleep. This data driven approach can help your organisation measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your wellbeing offering.


We are a diverse group of likeminded individuals from a range of different vocations including finance, legal, health and IT, who want to make a difference in the mental health space. We have all be touched either directly or indirectly with people battling with mental health issues. The time to act is now. We want to be part of the solution.
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Moving Mindz provides leading technology-driven corporate health solutions in conjunction with big data analytics in mental health. This data-driven approach can help your organisation measure, evaluate and analyse the effectiveness of your wellbeing offering.

Moving Mindz runs a series of programs throughout the year which are designed to help participants make positive improvements in a number of areas. Increase your activity levels, enhance your sleep, eat better, be more mindful and practise gratitude in your daily life.

What makes our programs so effective is that they are backed by science. No hocus-pocus. No hearsay. Just evidence-based tools for real results.

Balance Body & Mind

Our modules are designed to help improve both the physical and mental health of participants. We believe in taking a holistic approach to corporate health.

Healthy Daily Life

Simple lifestyle changes included in our programs can cultivate ongoing healthy habits while increasing productivity and boosting employee engagement.

Workplace Wellness

Programs are designed to keep employees motivated and engaged. Many are team-based, which helps foster a strong, collaborative workplace culture.

Measuring & Improving

Our corporate health programs offer invaluable analytical data relating to trends in mental health, 'dose response' levels and how organisations compare to others.

% Anxiety Reduced
% Stress Reduced
% Depression Reduced
% General Wellbeing Increased

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The Challenge

Moving Mindz is more than just a fun activity challenge. It allows us to scientifically measure and evaluate various health aspects of your workplace.

See the Difference

Moving Mindz is designed and backed by leading academics and collaborative researchers from around the globe.